Where can I find the 6-digit login token?

Besides from your email address and password, you will need a 6-digit code to log in to Corporify. Obtain this code by using an authenticator app.

When you logged in to Corporify for the first time, you most likely have linked an authenticator app to your account. This app will generate a time-based secret code and provides an extra layer of securtiy to prevent unwanted users from logging in.

Go to the authenticator app (for example Google or Microsoft Authenticator) to generate the code.
Note: this code is only valid for a few seconds and can only be used once. The next time you log in, you will have to enter a new code.


In case you can not seem to find the code or you no longer have the used authenticator app, please contact our support team. We will reset your account and guide you through the login procedure.