I need a new QR code. Where can I find this?

In case you have a new phone or if the original authenticator app has been deleted, you will need a new QR code to log in to Corporify.

There are 2 ways to obtain a new QR code.

1. User Settings

Your 'User Settings' will allow you to reset your authenticator app.

In order to do so, click on your name avatar in the top right corner and select 'User Settings'.

You will be redirected to a new window, in which you will be able to select 'Authenticator app'. To reset your authenticator app, click on 'Reset MFA'. As a result, you will receive a new QR code on your next login.

Note: Due to the fact that you need to access Corporify to do the reset, this option only applies when you have linked your phone number to your account and are still able to log in.

2. Contact our support team 

In case you have not linked your phone number to your account and you are not able to log in to Corporify, contact our support team and ask to reset your account. This will enable you to go through the login procedure again and obtain a new QR code.