Send documents via email

Send documents directly from your Corporify environment.

Use Corporify to send documents in a few clicks. 

Single Document

How it works: 

Select the desired document to open the 'Document Details' window and click on the 'Edit' button. 

Go to the 'Recipients' section and add those who need to receive the document via email. When finished, click on 'Save' at the top of the window. 

Note: when it concerns a document generated by Corporify, there is the option to predefine the recipient. If this is not the case, please get in touch with our support team to enable this option.

Select the box in front of the name of the desired recipients. 

Click on 'Send' and customize the email: enter a title and a message for the recipient (or use the default template). The chosen document will be added to this email.

When the email is finished, send it by clicking on the 'Send' button. 



Multiple documents

It is also possible to send out documents in bulk. Watch the video below to learn more: